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PTFE Tubes

Dechengwang PTFE tubes are in extruded and molded type, and are available in virgin PTFE, modified PTFE and PTFE Compounds with the widest range of metric size. Up to diameter 260 mm we can supply standard extruded lengths of 1000, 2000 and 3000 mm. larger diameters up to approx 950 mm will be molded. Maximum length depends on the diameter and ranges from 100 mm to 300 mm.

PTFE tube

Why Order PTFE Tubing Products from Us?

PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is perhaps the most widely used fluoropolymer available because it has several features which make it ideal for a wide range of applications. Dechengwang is able to fulfill your requirement, no matter you are looking for PTFE semi finished products as machining stock or directly use.

    PTFE Tube Key properties

    • Excellent chemical resistance
    • Working temperature from -180°C to +260°C
    • FDA approved
    • Flame resistant - UL94V0
    • No stick
    • Low friction
    • Very good dielectric dielectric insulation properties

    Samples of Our PTFE Tube, RoHS & FDA Compliant.

    Dechengwang Molded PTFE tube provide a low-friction, non-stick surface suitable for use as machining stock for all kinds of chemical, electrical and mechanical components where the outstanding performance characteristics of PTFE are required. Virgin PTFE, modified PTFE and PTFE compounds materials are available.


    Available in below sizes:


    • Diameters: Diameters ranging from 13 mm to 950 mm.
    • Lengths: 100 mm to 300 mm
    Carbon PTFE Molded Tube

    Carbon PTFE Molded Tube

    Glass fiber PTFE Molded Tube

    Glass fiber PTFE Molded Tube

    PTFE Molded Tube

    PTFE Molded Tube

    PTFE Molded Tubes

    PTFE Molded Tubes

    Red PTFE Molded Tube

    Red PTFE Molded Tube

    Yellow PTFE Molded Tube

    Yellow PTFE Molded Tube

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    DCW PTFE Extruded tube Size List


    DCW PTFE Flexible tube Size List


    DCW PTFE Molded Tube Size List

    Comprehensive Options for PTFE Tubes Needs


    Custom Material

    Virgin PTFE, filled PTFE and other plastic materials are available for reinforced components and the PTFE tube manufacturer also has technical understanding and fluoropolymer compounding expertise outside of PTFE.


    Custom Color

    We can customize everything according to your needs. We can deliver you PTFE rods in whichever colors you need from our PTFE tube factory.


    Custom Shape & Sizes

    All sizes and shapes are available as your needs. You can just specify your machined part size and dimensions and as one of the best Teflon tube suppliers, we’ll deliver to you all your business requirements.

    PTFE Tube Supplier
    in China

    Dechengwang, which is based in Shenzhen, China, has steadily risen to the position of one of the country’s top experts in the field of fluoropolymers and is a PTFE tube supplier. We have the knowledge and a wealth of abilities to deliver dependable quality and accurate service, whether the project is semi-finished PTFE component like a PTFE tube for different industry.  

    Dechengwang, a PTFE tubing manufacturer has knowledge of valve seats, seals, insulators, bushings, piston rings, bellows, and custom-made precision parts when it comes to precision machining parts. The capabilities also include clean PTFE tubing, molding and compression, basic shapes, near net shapes, and basic shapes.

    High-quality Semi-Finished Products From
    PTFE Teflon Tubes Manufacturer

    Industry Standard Tolerance

    Based on part geometry, material choice, and manufacturing process, Dechengwang, one of the finest PTFE tube suppliers adheres to the strictest industry-standard tolerance of ±0.01mm.

    Suit A Wide Range of Fluoroplastics

    With a variety of materials, such as virgin PTFE, modified PTFE, and PTFE compound, Dechengwang, can meet all your needs for a Teflon tube as a Teflon tube manufacturer.

    Compatible Machining

    Our compression molding and Teflon tubing capabilities enable us to supply semi-finished items as machining stock or for immediate application, from prototype to bulk production as one of the leading PTFE tube manufacturers.

    Mordern Cleanroom Facilities For
    PTFE Tubes Machining

    PTFE machining clean room

    Our factory is a hub of a number of state-of-the-art machines, which means that we can manufacture your PTFE and compounding project on time and at all times. We will work with you to create tooling that matches the exact specifications and volume requirements of your PTFE Teflon rods needs.

    Premium PTFE Compression Molding

    With compression presses, our engineers are consistently producing a wide range of Fluoropolymer plastic tube and pipe that are quality enough to be used in the petrochemical industry, economically and efficiently.

    CNC machining

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