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Hey, You Stole My Website Design!

Recently, we found X company(to avoid of linking to their website, we use X as it name) has stole the website design of Shenzhen Dechengwang Technology Co., Ltd. The website style, typesetting and copywriting are exactly the same. This mislead our clients consider X company and DCW are belong to one company. To let's our clients have the clear understand, we would like to statement as below:

Shenzhen Dechengwang Technology Co., Ltd. and X company are two different company, which doesn't has any relate. Our official website is www.dcwptfe.com for Chinese read clients and www.ptfedf.com for English read clients.

Every creativity has spends lots of hard working! From the creative design of each page to the content writting of our website, DCW has devoted a lots. We wish our clients can know DCW and recognize DCW. You can steal the content, but our core value can't copied.

As a one of the role in the industry, we are proud of our quality products and are striving to make "Made in China" a powerful label for every part we make.

We Make Small PTFE Field A Big Difference.

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