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DCW Celebrates 13th Anniversary

2019 – We Make Small PTFE Field A Big Difference

Dechengwang’s story began in 2006 with a small office like most of the startup company. Since then, DCW has developed into an expert and well-known technology company in the PTFE field.

Today all of our employees and the management celebrate together for the 13 years birthday of DCW.
We enjoy delicious cakes and Chinese food together.

We would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank you”to all our employees, the major role of DCW, you made the words “Made In China” the powerful marks.

Special thanks to our clients, because without your trust we would not be where we are today. Thanks for all the years that we have been able to accompany you and thanks for the many challenges that you have set and will continue to set for us in the future.

DCW Team

Shenzhen Dechengwang Technology Co., Ltd
Floor 2-3, Bld D, Jinhengrun Industrial Park,
Fucheng, Longhua, Shenzhen,
DG, China 518110
phone +86 755 23283050
fax +86 755 81755650
email info@ptfedf.com

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