Quality Control

Quality is the foundation of dechengwang, our commitment to quality is utmost, dechengwang’s success has always been based on customer satisfaction, constant product improvement and service excellence. In order to achieve this standard of quality, we’ve invested heavily in a wide range of inspection equipments, effective quality management and monotoring processes that can be relied upon for high quality products. We are pleased to provide full inspection services to ensure parts meet your specifications.

Inspection Steps

  • First article inspection: First article is the foundation for machine set up, FAI will be done by IPQC and senior engineer, the action will be record.
  • Operator self-inspect during production: Each machine equipped with operation instruction, all of the machine operator are required to work with the requirement of instruction, and frequently check the dimension during production;
  • IPQC random inspection: A IPQC will be incharge of random inspection the quality and operation every 2 hours during production, the action will be record;
  • 100% Inspection before packing: All of the products are inspected with 100% after production, Target for manufacturing qualified rate: ≥98.5%;
  • OQC random Inspection before shipping: Target for delivery qualified rate: ≥99%(1% for the packing or label errors).

Measurement Equipments

  • All the measurement equipments are managed under Measuring Equipment Control Procedure of ISO 9001 quality system, well maintained and identified with serial No..
  • Calibration system ensure the proper functioning of measurement equipments, external calibration is performed by cooperation calibration company, internal calibration is performed by qualified QC people.

Measurement Equipments List

  • Go-No Go Gauges
  • Vernier caliper
  • Mitutoyo Digital caliper
  • 2D projector
  • 3D projector
  • Hardness Tester-Shore Durometer
  • Mitutoyo Altimeter
  • Tensile Tester
  • Resistivity Meter
  • Full Auto Electronic Density Meter