Teflon Parts-Stamped Components

Stamped components from PTFE material in high precision, large output, low cost to electronic industry as an insulation part.

Stamped Components Capacity

Stamped component is a good option for thin PTFE gasket with a thickness less than 4mm, while this thin thickness component is unable to finish by machining process. Dechengwang offer difference solutions for stamped parts, equipped with various molds to meet your demand.

Skilled Machinist

The machining of PTFE requires skill and familiarity with the properties of this specialty fluoropolymer. While PTFE is not easy to machine due to its softness not as rigid as metal, machining forces and clamping should be very skilled, it requires machining skill and experience to properly machine dimensionally accurate features.
A good metal machining expert may not aways be a good PTFE macining machinist!
Our machinists are highly experienced with many PTFE grade, our machining ability can match the demand of critical industries such as aerospace, electronic, medical. We would be happy to share you more details about our past successful project details, client testimonials.

Production Quality Control

Production quality is assured by our our SPC(Statistical Process Control) & CPK(Complex Process Capability) monitoring system.
In the meanwhile, each machine equipped with operation instruction, all of the machine operator are required to work with the requirement of instruction, and frequently check the dimension during production; An IPQC will be in charge of random inspection the quality and operation every 2 hours during production.

Raw Material Control

All virgin & mixed compounds are offered from our top supplier(ISO 9001 Supplier Management), high purity and inertness in the end product. Import PTFE material(DAKIN-M18, M111) is also used in meeting extreme customer application requirements including.
• Food Grade
• High chemical resistance
• Covers a wide working temperature range
• Low co-efficient of friction to solid
• Extreme dielectric properties
• Comprehensive strength and durability