PTFE Pipe Fittings

We custom manufacturer PTFE Pipe Fittings include bushings, hose connectors, couplings, elbows, inserts, nipples, nuts, plugs, stopcocks, tees, pipe unions, acid & corrosion resistant, hand operated, plastic, plug & two-way, three-way & four-way valves.

PTFE pipe fitting are well suited for use in industries that demand the purity and extreme corrosion resistance. And applied  in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals to semiconductors and from chemical plants.

PTFE Straight Connector(2 way)

PTFE Elbow(2 way)

PTFE Tee Connector(3 way)

PTFE stopcock

PTFE Stopcock

PTFE coiled pipe

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Raw Material Control

All virgin & mixed compounds are offered from our top supplier(ISO 9001 Supplier Management), high purity and inertness in the end product. Import PTFE material(DAKIN-M18, M111) is also used in meeting extreme customer application requirements including.
• Food Grade
• High chemical resistance
• Covers a wide working temperature range
• Low co-efficient of friction to solid
• Extreme dielectric properties
• Comprehensive strength and durability