PTFE Labware

Standard & Custom PTFE Labware for use in chemistry and chemical engineering labs.

PTFE Container, PTFE Tank

PTFE Beaker

PTFE Tweezers

PTFE Stirrer Shafts

PTFE Funnels

Other custom PTFE labware

  • FDA approved, Virgin PTFE only
  • Heavy wall thickness, strong support
  • Totally chemically resistant and inert
  • Use up to 280°C (540°F)
  • Quantity: No MOQ, support short run.
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Raw Material Control

All virgin & mixed compounds are offered from our top supplier(ISO 9001 Supplier Management), high purity and inertness in the end product. Import PTFE material(DAKIN-M18, M111) is also used in meeting extreme customer application requirements including.
• Food Grade
• High chemical resistance
• Covers a wide working temperature range
• Low co-efficient of friction to solid
• Extreme dielectric properties
• Comprehensive strength and durability